air condition installation

Air Conditioning Installations

Aircon company that specializes in the sales, installation and service of air conditioners for both the residential and office markets in Cape town and surrounding areas.

Cape-air have been in the air-conditioning and ducting (HVAC) industry for many years and have completed many large installations including VRV, Hiross & ducted systems in offices buildings, churches, residential houses, restaurants & retail centres in new and existing buildings, working with building, partitioning and ceiling contractors and of course on our own.

Our teams are well trained, honest, clean and reliable and each is equipped with their own transport, tools, ladders and safety equipment.



We supply all kinds of major aircon brands Daikin, Samsung, LG & Alliance units for both residential and commercial purposes.

Repair & Service

We do repairs on on all  air-conditioners and services installations whether they are done by us or by other companies.

We offer the best pricing and unbeatable rates when it comes to supplying a quote for installation, service, repairs as well as maintenance contracts for all air conditioning systems. Our prices may vary from time to time depending on the rate of the Rand. As all of our air conditioners are not manufactured locally but imported into the country. The prices of Copper piping, Aluminium pipes, Refridgerant gas and the cost of fuel can adversely affect the cost. However we will try our utmost best to maintain a fixed price to cater to the needs of our customers and the general public.

Our Prices may differ from job to job, but we will strive to always ensure and guarantee the best price for the services we offer, giving you value for your money. We offer a all in one pricing structure on all our air conditioning installations ensuring you get what you pay for.

Back to Back installation – R1500.00

We install any make or brand of midwall split system air conditioner, inverter split systems, heating and cooling units, ceiling cassette units, hide away systems and ducted systems. All Piping , power cables, signal cables, trunking, drain pipes, labour, user training and commissioning to ensure complete functionality of your installed aircon will be included.

Multiple Story installation – R1500.00

There is no job too big and no job too small, our professional air con installers are qualified to handle the task of minor to complicated installations. We also install flexible ducting systems. We install in single story houses and buildings to double story houses and buildings. All our installations allow for 2m of copper or aluminium pipe runs for both back to back and long runs.

Samsung Maldives Inventer

9 000 Btu      – R12,800
12 000 Btu    – R13,500
18 000 Btu    – R15 700
24 000 Btu   – R19 900



Alliance Air Inventer

9 000 Btu      – R9,800
12 000 Btu    – R10,500
18 000 Btu    – R13 700
24 000 Btu   – R16 900

Samsung AR3000 Non-Inventer

9 000 Btu      – R9,800
12 000 Btu    – R10,500
18 000 Btu    – R14 700
24 000 Btu   – R16 900

Alliance Air Non -Inventer

9 000 Btu      – R7,800
12 000 Btu    – R8,500
18 000 Btu    – R11 700
24 000 Btu   – R14 900

air conditioning installation
air conditioning installation
air conditioning installation

Back to Back (within 3 Meters)


Mid wall split units /system needs to be affixed (installed) to a wall. They get the name “split unit/system” from the way they are constructed – with half of the unit mounted inside the home / office, and the other half mounted outside.


  • Evaporator (indoor- unit) mounted to inside wall of room / office.
  • Condenser (outdoor-unit) mounted onto a set of brackets, on same outside wall within a 3 meter radius from evaporator (indoor-unit).
  • Condenser (outdoor-unit) mounted on floor within 3 meters from inside.
  • Installation time approximately 2-3 hours.
  • Installation options only available for Cape town and surrounding areas).


  • In case of condensation water not able to not drain freely from indoor unit (Evaporator) to outside, a condensation pump will be required at an extra charge.
  • Electrical connections for air-conditioners to be carried out by a qualified electrician from distribution board (not included in installation charges).
  • Installation outside Western Cape areas