Dstv Somerset West

We are an accredited DSTV Installation Company. We offer professional DSTV installations, from a standard single view system through to the Explora Extra-view setups, small and domestic to commercial groups like Hotels and Guest Houses and Apartment Building Core Systems. All of these are offered with our quality and service guarantee.

We pride ourselves on the use of high quality products that range from fibre glass dishes to stainless steel nuts and bolts. We also do aerial installations, extensions and repairs, from tuning in your TV to connecting TVs in each room. The installation of systems which split various signals from a central aerial or satellite system through to various rooms or units can be very complicated. Property planning is essential and can save you money and provide you with a better service. Contact us to discuss your requirements

Whether you are in need of a complete installation or just a small repair, one of our teams is just a short phone call away. We offer our customers a same or next business day turnaround.

Dstv Installation somerset west