Dstv Installer Stellenbosch

Dstv Installer Stellenbosch

Accredited Dstv installers servicing Stellenbosch. We’re committed to delivering quality DStv Installations in Stellenbosch. Because how well your DStv runs, is a direct reflection of the quality of your installation. DStv Installers Stellenbosch has been in business for the past ten years. And we’ve built up a reputation in the industry. For our efficient customer service. And quality parts. dstv installer stellenbosh dstv installation stellenbosh

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Dstv Installer Stellenbosch

When you use our services you can have peace of mind to know that. We know what to do and the best way of doing it. Here at DStv Installers Stellenbosch, we’re committed to customer satisfaction,same day service delivery,quality workmanship and friendly service.We use the best quality products approved by Multichoice dstv like aluminum,fibre glass satellite dishes with stainless steel nuts and bolts. dstv installer stellenbosh dstv installation stellenbosh

Get Your DStv Installed By An Accredited DStv Installer For Best Results.

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Are You A Fan Of The DStv Explora Then Do We Have A Surprise For You!

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What is the DStv Explora I hear you asking? The Explora is the latest DStv Decoder that offers a wide variety of features. The features of the DStv Explora includes high definition, crystal clear and picture perfect viewing. That will have you thinking yours in the action. Pause live TV for up to two hours. Watch one channel, whole recording another. Fast forward, rewind, pause and speed up television. Connect your Explora to the internet for even more features like DStv Catch Up, Showmax and Box Office. The Explora is also XtraView compatible.dstv installer stellenbosh dstv installation stellenbosh Stellenbosch


How Much Is The DStv Explora?

You can get the DStv Explora from as little as R 79 pm x 24 months. Or you can buy it at the retail price of R1299, excluding installation.dstv installer stellenbosh dstv installation stellenbosh Stellenbosch

How To Install The DStv Explora

To install the DStv Explora decoder, you’re going to need the following. The dish must be 80cm or larger, we suggest the aluminium satellite dish with a lifetime warranty. DStv Smart LNB – The Explora will not work with any other LNB even if you split the feed. The DStv Explora or Explora 2 Decoder. Coax Cabling. An Active subscription to DStv we suggest DStv Premium with the Explora as any other subscription would be a waste. And lastly, you’re going to need an Accredited DStv Installer like DStv Installer Stellenbosch. In order for your installation to carry a warranty and to guarantee it’s done properly.

Dstv Installer Stellenbosch


DStv Installer Stellenbosch provides services to Guesthouses. Municipality. Local Government. Restaurants. Lodges. Game Lodges. Hotels. Sports Bars. Betting Shops. Hospitals. Clinics. Retail Stores. Businesses. Old Age Homes and Retirement Villages. Radio Stations.dstv installer stellenbosh dstv installation stellenbosh Stellenbosch

Dstv Installer Stellenbosch  Guarantee To You

All DStv equipment we supply comes standard with a 12-month manufacturer warranty. And all workmanship we do comes with a 6-month workmanship warranty. So what does this all mean? It means that should anything go wrong within the 6 months. We will come out the same day and repair it at no extra charge to you. That’s our guarantee to you.dstv installer stellenbosh dstv installation stellenbosh Stellenbosch

Dstv Installer Stellenbosch Promise To You

All our DStv Installers in Stellenbosch are, employed by us. We do not sub contract any work to anyone, we’re accountable for the products and services we provide. We will never leave your home or business in a mess. Or if you are not satisfied with the service we have provided. To us you are the most important asset, so we want you to be confident and happy in our services.dstv installer stellenbosh dstv installation stellenbosh Stellenbosch

Dstv Installer Stellenbosch Service Areas

Our service coverage includes Stellenbosch,Cloetesville,Kayamandi,Jamestown,Kylermore,Pniel.dstv installer stellenbosh dstv installation stellenbosh Stellenbosch

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